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The BEST group for llama badges!

Every Single Llama Project And Service I Manage

Journal Entry: Wed May 23, 2018, 2:32 PM
I have many other deviantART projects and articles other than these.
This list focuses on the things that at least partially relate to llamas.
I included things posted on all of my other accounts.
I will update this as new things come in.

I know this is a lot of information. No need to worry about reading everything.
This journal was made to bring light to all the secret services/projects I do and to help people find everything all in one place.

Runaway Llamas Information Masterlist
All Of My Llama Badge Headcanons/Mini Stories
Why Llama Badges Were Created
Improved Llama Badge FAQ
How Much Llama Goals Cost In Points And USD
The History Of llamalist
The Llama Level Heiarchy Makes No Sense

How To Use My Llama Badge Lists
Guide For DEDICATED Llama Traders
Giving llamas has never been easier! + You NEED One Click Llama Button + Its Helper tool

How You Can Help:
Everything I Need Help With
Things To Trade on dA For Mutual Benefit
How You Can Help People With Llama Badges Too!
Spread the word about this group!
Help My Groups Reach Their Llama Levels!
Give these groups a llama and get one back!
Help GiveALlamaGetALlama get its super group back! (when its super group is active all points go towards group events)

Llama Thoughts:
Why I Choose Certain Featured Badges
A Realistic Look At Gaining 100,000 Badges
Disabling Llamas Should Be An Option For Deviants
Why I Hope You'll Stick With Llama Badges
Why I Don't Judge People's Llama Stats
My Thoughts On Llamas
Getting Runaway Llamas Is Doable
Llama Related Polls

Group/Profile Updates:
llamalist News [And Updates]
Updated 1/19/2018 [main page journal]
New feature to find more llama traders!
Raising Points To Get 200,000 Llamas!
[Group] Rules as of January 2018

Suggestions Forum Posts:
Rainbow Llama Level For Receiving 100,000 Llamas
Separate Given And Received Llamas In Your Badge Activity
Returned Llamas Say "Username Returned The Llama Badge"
Be Able To Give And Receive Custom Badges
Badge Suggestion Forum Posts + [Just] Llama Badge Suggestions

Journal Skins:
Llama Journal Skins and CSS
Pink Llama Skin Preview
Llama Skin Preview
Llama Love Journal CSS Skin Preview
Llama Party Skin Preview
Speech Bubble Journal Css Skin Preview

Free Badges Guide - NEW BADGE UPDATE by wintercool612 Llama List Stamp by wintercool612 Dedicated Llama Trader Stamp by wintercool612 100,000 Llamas Stamp by wintercool612 10,000 Llamas Stamp by wintercool612 Thank You For EVERYTHING Stamp by wintercool612
Codes For Animated Versions Of My Stamps

:iconllamalist: :iconrunawayllamasplz: :iconsuperalbinollama: :iconllamalistgiveback: :iconsecretllamapoints: :icondeviantar-t: :icondressmyllama:
Explanations Of My Other Accounts

Groups I Own:
:iconalbinollamaclub: :iconsuperalbinoclub: :iconfancyllamaclub: :iconkingllamaclub: :iconspartanllamaclub: :iconwizardllamaclub: :iconrainbowllamaclub: :icongoldenllamagiver: :iconllama-list:

Weekly Llama Trader Features!
If you mention llama trading or returning in your comment on llamalist, I will highlight your comment by making it white. You will also be featured in the comments of llama-list and its next trader feature. Please limit your comments to one per visible page so everyone can be featured.
Everyone who comments on llama-list is also included in the next trader feature. Anyone who joins a goal or trader list is also featured.

I give 25 llamas to people who donate any amount of points. Features for more llamas come with your purchase if you mention keywords in your donation message. Click here for more information.
I notify people of their features and when they expire.
I feature people that have helped me a great deal forever free of charge.
My profile has a list of people being featured forever. Click here to see it.

Get featured for llamas! [on SecretLlamaSociety]
I feature 10 random users out of the newest 150 members on Give-LlamaGetA-Llama. Here is an example.
Give llama-list a llama and you'll get a llama!
I give llamas to everyone in my inbox on llamalist and wintercool612.
My other accounts return llamas.
I give llamas to various groups I find.
I give many llamas to all groups on the Groups That Want Llamas List.
I congratulate people who reached their goal based on the goal list they joined by posting a comment on their profile.
I update the Badges Hall Of Fame once a month.
I read all comments I get except for on the llama-list front page because there's too many each week.
I will watch you back.
I will answer any llama or badge related questions you have.

Collections I've Put Together:
My huge favorites collection of llama art
Llamas wearing both sunglasses and bowties Sunglasses Bullet by DressMyLlama Bowtie Bullet by DressMyLlama
Llamas wearing just bowties Bowtie Bullet by DressMyLlama
Llamas wearing just sunglasses Sunglasses Bullet by DressMyLlama
A list of all the dA llama prints for sale that I could find
All of the favorites collections on Badges-of-DeviantART
Runaway Llamas Art Collection
Super Albino Llama Art Collection
Gift Art and llamalist Ads favorites
Clothes, Merch, and Prints favorites
Llama Badges favorites
Collections favorites [You can favorite other people/group's folders]
Stamps favorites
Llama And Other Badge Related Help favorites
PLZ Accounts favorites
Favs These For Llamas favorites
Journals and Writing favorites
Journal Skins, CSS, and Their Previews favorites
Emojis, Emoticons, and Icons favorites
These llama level clubs I admin have art of only their respective llama in the favorites:
AlbinoLlamaClub Favorites
SuperAlbinoClub Favorites
NinjaLlama-Club Favorites
FancyLlamaClub Favorites
KingLlamaClub Favorites
SpartanLlamaClub Favorites
WizardLlamaClub Favorites
RunawayLlamasClub Favorites
Except RainbowLlamaClub represents other unreleased llamas that dA made:
RainbowLlamaClub Favorites
Hulk Llama Favorites
Emo Llama Favorites
Robo Llama Favorites

Other Lists:
Resources To Help You GIVE And GET More Llamas
Facts About Llama Badges
Llama Emotes, PLZ Accounts, And Fun Links
Complete Llama PLZ List Part 1
Complete Llama PLZ List Part 2
Awesome Llama Memes And Pictures
Llama Groups List
Groups That Want Llamas List
A list of all of the llama groups I joined
Help These People Get To Ninja Llama
Help These People Get To Fancy Llama
Help These People Get To King Llama
Help These People Get To Spartan Llama
Help These People Get To Wizard Llama
Help These People Get To Golden Llama
Help These People Get To Runaway Llamas
Help These People Get 100,000 Llamas!
Llama List for Non-Traders

A Few Llama Badge Guides To Check Out (just a llama badge help promo for GiveALlamaGetALlama)

Things I Help With But Didn't Create:
LOTS of Llama Help [A masterlist of every llama related resource GhostiKid and I could find]
Kishan-Bagaria made an automated llama traders list. It works with the One Click Llama Button and it is super easy to use. Send me a note if you want to be added.
Groups I help with: :icongive-llamageta-llama: :icongiveallamagetallama: :iconbadges-of-deviantart: :iconninjallama-club: :iconrunawayllamasclub:

Retired Things:
Here are all the remaining journals by DressMyLlama.
The whole story dealing with DressMyLlama can be found by clicking here.
I no longer feature people in a separate section who've reached their llama goal. I figured they'll be more likely to see it in a comment on their profile.
I have helped out with these groups: :iconthellamatraders: :icongetllamas:
Runaway Llamas Club Contest [one time event I helped with]

Miscellaneous Things:
Gift Art for llamalist
Groups I'm An Admin Of
I'm an admin of GiveALlamaGetALlama. :new: Currently, my plans to help it out are in the works!
I made a high quality scan of the super llama plushie's tag.
I sometimes help out KiranAlpaca with various llama things because he is so awesome.
Rainbow Llama Badge Script made by llamalist, but credit to ginkgografix for the code. It'll give you an extra llama badge on everyone's profile.
All of my llama art on my main account
Deviations on llamalist
I posted these as deviations: Sunglasses Bullet by DressMyLlama Bowtie Bullet by DressMyLlama Llama Badge Accessories Divider by DressMyLlama
deviantar-t was an experiment to see how fast I can level up my llama.
My llama achievements
A photo of my llama gifts and toys
Rainbow Llama Art Feature
Every Llama Level Username
PLZ Accounts As Text So You Can Give Them Llamas
Fun Facts About The Llama Species <- Didn't write this one, only posted it
Thank You To Everyone Who Has Helped Me

Thank You To Everyone Who Has Helped Me

Journal Entry: Wed May 16, 2018, 12:28 PM
This is not an exhaustive list. I humbly apologize if you have helped me in some way and are not mentioned. These apply to help on llamalist and my main account wintercool612.

Thanks so much to:

IsellaHowler for being a good friend, for the gifts, and encouraging my enthusiasm for llamas.

Secret Santa for wintercool612 by IsellaHowler Pipe Cleaner Llama by IsellaHowler

emocx for making these:

(G) llamalist icon by emocx Recommended llama group button by emocx llama-list stamp by emocx

dragondoodle for the cake badges on llamalist and my main account, and for posting llama art features to this group.

Halloween Llama Art Feature!It's almost Halloween! What better way to celebrate than looking at Llamas in the spirit of Halloween? :giggle:
Dalai Llama by TrollGirlDaily Llama Project - Brocollama by TrollGirlGAGA LLAMA MA by trishna87Llama by Anastasia-berryThe Epic Llama Battle by TrollGirlLlama llama courier by lyreseFancy Llama by DJCoulzmona llama by maruhana-bachillama and evil llama by chunkysmurfLlama Supreme by osy057Me llamo llama by CenildonLlama llama llama by IsisMasshiroLeather Mask of a Llama by teonovaStickers: Zombie Llama by Christina-LYPRE ORDER Halloween Cards by Rave-SkeeterZLucifer - ref by UsaretamaSaiBatllama by Punin10didVallama by Rozari-XiariInktober 2016 #06 - Hidden by MatschkuchnPumpkin Llama by DamaChan11Count-Llama by peoreINKTOBER 5 by dropkick202Llamaween by TrollGirlhalloween llama by WanderingInPixelsEmylia by XipakoZombie Alpaca by katiezgreatieTrick or Llama by BenzyonSpooky Llama by LlamasMakeMeGiggleHalloween Llama by BraveWingsLlama by Milk-Love
Holiday/Winter Llamas!Here are some llamas to get you into the Winter/Holiday spirit! Enjoy!
Entry for Winter Llama Contest by RisingShineWinter llama by D0MYFor the Winter LLama contest by BeEP16Llamas can fly by MonikaZagrobelnaBaby Llama in the snow by SandraWinther::ChristmasFlufferJoy:: by DoomHillINCMerry Christllams by TrollGirlmerry llama-mas by llamaPOWCria Christmas Cards by sandeyes13Llama (christmas) by gpachas..::Wish you a very Llama Christmas::.. by SkinuzbearChristmas Llama by Battle-Chestnutllama christmas contest entry by bluestarfan1The Tale of the Christmas Alpaca by therougecatMerry Christmas 2006 by ignigenoMerry Everything Have a Llama by DEATH-by-toothpasteLlama Christmas by EmperorLlamaDeer Llama by TrollGirlChristmas card design 2013 by ignigenoLlama in the christmas by MaleivaChristmas Llama by SoulLostAtSeaChristmas Llama by B-KeksChristmas llama by CanfasMerry Christmas 2005 by ignigenoSkiing Llama by TrollGirlKuzco llama christmas. by BeEP16Happy Llamadays! by YamPuff
Llama Love!Valentines is upon us . . . time for some llamas and hearts to show our llama love!
Cupcake Llama by YamPuffLlama Hug by atnezauPowder Puff Llama Room Guardian by AnyaBozthe REAL Llamalove by endlessweekAlbino Llama! ( random drawing ) by Aunty-chickFree Avatar: Llama Llove by FantasyStockA Llama's Imagination by Quiliny2011-1 by lovelyfantasyLlama love by KlausReinbachIIIBe My Valentine! by Chaunga-GuHAPPY (EARLY) VALENTINES DAY TO YOU ALL by Madi-GascarrThe Love Llama by AnnoyinglyCuteAnother lonely Valentine for me by StillDollDemonLlama Love by sobeyondthisLlama Valentine Plush by StuffyAnimalI Heart Llamas by EvlwolfFree Llama Icon by xXScarletButterflyXxLlama Valentine's card by mychemicaldeviantTakahashi-Valentine by KojiouLlama Emoji-81 (Heart You) [V4] by JerikutoLlama Love by Gabbys-AuthorLlama Love by Tinystrawberrillama love by couldntfinkof1Pixel Valentines Llama by Llama-LloonLlama Llurve stamp (animated) by somethingzenzenPretty in red albino llama by Meerkat484Llama Love by FigBeaterLlama Love by PolasValentine by TakeTheLlamaSuper Albino Llama! by Twilight---FoxHere's alpaca love. by GazzycakesLove a Llama a Day by KellenKatLlama Love 3 by Little-llamahi be mine by MountNeverestLlamly valentine by TrollGirlUnicorn Llama by RedVioletPandaLLAMA IS LOVE by Ria-tanLlama Love by StarryHorseCrochet sweety llama Brooch and Hairclip by CuteMoonbunnyDo you Love the llama? by Drache-LehreLlama Valentine by PigaLatte15Happy Valentine's Day! by one-hell-of-a-sheepLovely Love Llamas by CrochetHyperboleLlama by RagdollarI Llama Love You. by jjellenmy rainbow llama by iLikeUrKatsValentine Llama by ruxsandra:thumb285

GhostiKid AKA KiranAlpaca for collaborating with me to create DressMyLlama, for making the llama masterlist, the cake badges, being a loyal friend, and always supporting my various dA projects.

DuneDrifter for the cake badge, and for gifting a 1 year super group when I couldn't afford it.

Colour-of-Magic and The-Dancing-Dragon for being active admins and for running the 1st art contest.

Art Comp! Win Core! Ends July 8thGreetings from your Llama-List Group Admins!
I'm sure most of you may have already noticed but if you haven't llama-list has recently gained a whole new herd of Admins, and as a way to celebrate we have decided to hold a Llama-Art Competition! (Yay ^^)
Prize Donator's:
Is donating the first prize: A Years Worth of Core Membership!!!
Also Known as The Group's Llama Leige/ Resident expert on all things Llama Badges who is kindly donating points to be presented as prizes.
:iconrainbow-falls: :iconisellahowler: :iconbekindmythcraft: :iconrinbizarre:
Have all offered to Kindly give Art Prizes to the winners.
Will create special llama contest stamps as prizes! To place on the winner's profiles.
:iconthe-dancing-dragon: :iconwintercool612:
There are donation widgets on these pages. Any points donated here will be added to the overall point prize pool.

Anyone Else Who would Like To donate Art or Points as prizes, Pl
Group Art Competition - Summer 2017Hello all you lovely llama lunatics!
I'm here with a reminder and a promotion of our most fabulous art competition!
First, I'd like to apologise for how we've gone about letting ya'll know about it. I notice from our poll a lot of you didn't know there was a competition, we fully accept that consequence, that was on us... the shame! D:
As my fellow admin, The-Dancing-Dragon :iconThe-Dancing-Dragon:, has reiterated... you all still have another full month to enter. Competition closes on the 8th July and your entry can be anything llama related! What is art to you? Is it a painting? A sketch? A piece of literature? A sculpture? Is it a cloud that happens to be shaped like a llama or even a real llama... with a pipe and monocle, sporting a magnificent hat and smoking jacket?! Heck, cover yourself with paint and use your hands and feet to form a llama from hand and foot prints!!! ~0_0~
But seriously, it can be anything so long as it adheres to at least one of these themes:
Group Art Competition CLOSED - Summer 2017We'd like to thank everyone who entered the competition, especially given the short time frame and with how quickly we set it up. We've learned a lot from running this competition to know how to make it smoother and easier next time! :la:
Admins will all get a say on who they think the winner should be, to allow for this we may take a good few days to try and get as many votes on entries as possible! Because we didn't really decide on how we were going to go about this beforehand, it may take a while. Rest assured, we don't expect it to be longer than a week and for winners to be notified roughly between 15th and 16th of July, so next weekend.
This is so we can accommodate busy schedules of both admins and the group founder.
Once again, a big thank you to all who entered. To those who just missed out, don't despair, it's very likely we'll have more competitions in future!
I look forward to giving that Core Membership to our lucky winner! Love you all!
Llama-List First General Art Competition- Winners!

Greetings from your friendly neighbourhood llama-list group admins. It's time to announce the winners of the First General Llama-List Art Competition! Yay! Before we begin, I would like to thank each and every deviant who took the time to enter our group competition, we know you all worked very hard on your entries and we wish that we could gift every single artist with a prize. Unfortunately we could only choose 3 wonderful winners to present some awesome prizes to today. :heart:
Another Big Thankyou To All The staff that have poured their time into making this happen! This wouldn't be here without them so make sure you take your time to thank them!

Before You take a peek at the Winners, here's a reminder of what they've won:

:bulletyellow:First Place Prizes: A Year's Worth of Core Membership- Donated by the amazing Colour-of-Magic , Winner's Stamp created by the lovely dragondoodle, a custom art prize curt

ErebusLucifer for giving me 3 months core.

dADroid-bot AKA DRSDavidSoft for running his server to help me and this group, tools that make llama-list trader features possible, and for being a loyal friend.

Kishan-Bagaria for making tools that make llama-list trader features possible, and for being a loyal friend.

Dead-Flame, ienzo628, Cosmic-Psycho, Wolf-of-Barad-dur, rokego, chubbybees, GiveThemCake, Drache-Lehre, ZuSeHeR, phloxii, DAVIDE76, mitoXD, CyberneticCupcake, SelflessDevotions, zhusanna for giving cake badges across llamalist, wintercool612, and llama-list.

UmaNekoRyuu for the gift art, active watch, and being my best friend.

Gift for Wintercool612- Chibi Arceus by UmaNekoRyuu

ObitoUchiha50 for the gift art and being my other best friend.

The Goosebump Hat by ObitoUchiha50 The Pocket Shaped Pocket Hat by ObitoUchiha50 Celty Request by ObitoUchiha50

Everyone who helped refund the customers of DressMyLlama and YouAreStarred:

EndlessTiger emocx Colour-of-Magic TomatoAndPasta minteali Voiii Bonnzai StansWithoutJams The-WonderSlug Minty-Fax Octahazer P-inko JustAStrangeGal SirSuetic SparksAdopts SgtCicada Zeeslag Hkartworks99

dAhub for chatting with me and helping me reach runaway llamas x2!

XISoulxArtIX for the gift art, collaborations, and being a loyal friend.

I SPY...wintercool612 by XISoulxArtIX wintercool612 by XISoulxArtIX Art trade-wintercool612 by XISoulxArtIX Remie's Double Meme by XISoulxArtIX

superevilgenius for the gift art, collaboration, and being a loyal friend.

chuck annoying red by superevilgenius

Lesh4537 for buying enough llamas to get FancyLlamaClub a fancy llama.

fmr0 for supporting my various dA projects, and for the gift art.

Cool Cosplay by fmr0 Cool Girl by fmr0

phloxii for giving me llama-list.

All of my active watchers on all of my accounts, everyone else who has given me art, and a very special thank you to anyone who has ever donated points. My llama goals would be impossible without you.

Help GiveALlamaGetALlama get its super group back!

Journal Entry: Wed May 9, 2018, 11:00 AM
As you may have noticed the largest llama badge group, GiveALlamaGetALlama, has recently lost its super group. I'm an admin of this group and can tell you it's run by good people. If you'd like to help out, donations are being collected by Litleo

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